At Pacific Financial Strategies (PACFS), we strive to provide exceptional service. Our experience is your experience. Our knowledge is your knowledge. We offer a proactive approach to your financial objectives and long-term goals. 

We will undertake a personalized review of your current financial status and present you with custom tailored strategies and solutions to help meet your financial goals. 

Our investment philosophy is based on the belief of investing for the long term. PACFS constructs portfolios that optimize or maximize expected return while reducing a given level of market risk, emphasizing that risk is an inherent part of higher reward. Our goal is to manage and decrease risks, while achieving consistent returns through the use of well-defined asset allocation models. We scan various asset classes and invest in funds that have outperformed their peers and benchmarks historically. We strive for competitive returns over time rather than attempting to catch the latest bubble in the markets. The key drivers of wealth accumulation are asset allocation, discipline, and time.