Insurance Planning & Policy Review

Proper insurance planning is an integral part of a sound financial plan and can be the key to health and longevity. Whether you need income protection, such as life insurance, or you need affordable long term care for you and your family, our team stands ready to help you with all your risk management needs.

We will review your existing lines of coverage and develop recommendations after completing a personalized needs assessment. We then provide specific insurance solutions in the areas of:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability income insurance
  • Long-term care insurance

Life Insurance Policy Review

Life insurance may be one of the largest assets within an estate – whether owned by an individual or business, or whether it’s part of an overall estate plan. Even so, it is an asset that is generally not evaluated, reviewed or appraised on a consistent and comprehensive basis. We believe that some life insurance policies can be improved upon once a thorough and detailed analysis has taken place. The following changes have occurred in the life insurance marketplace in recent years that require ongoing monitoring and maintenance of existing policies:

  • There have been changes in the way life insurance is designed, priced, and medically underwritten.
  • Life expectancies have grown, and thus internal insurance costs have come down.
  • More favorable medical underwriting classes are now offered by some carriers.
  • Some medical histories are rated at better risks due to the improvement in medicine and longevity.
  • Interest rates and dividend crediting rates may not be performing as originally illustrated.

Above all, remember that your plans, goals, and desires may have changed since you acquired your policy, and re-evaluation may be needed. After a full assessment of your goals and objectives to determine coverage needs, we obtain in-force illustrations on existing policies to analyze how they have performed since purchase. We then review future projections to see if these policies will still meet your objectives. As needed, we then work with a fast network of insurance carriers to obtain the best possible medical rating and pricing for the requested amount of coverage. We only place coverage with reputable companies.