Where are my assets held?

Your assets will be held at the custodian Charles Schwab & Co. (Schwab). Schwab will have physical possession of your assets. When you make deposits to your account at Schwab, your checks are made payable and deposited directly with Schwab. Our firm directs the investments, but does not have custody or possession of client assets.  


For those participating in a company retirement plan, your employer’s plan will maintain custody of assets at the institution that your employer has elected. Pacific Financial Strategies directs the investments, but does not have custody or possession of client assets.


What is a Risk Assessment Questionnaire used for?

This questionnaire is designed to provide an objective, systematic way to help you choose the model portfolio that is right for you. It factors items such as current age, time horizon, goals, and tolerance for risk.


What is the Personal Data Form used for?

This form is a questionnaire used to capture your financial situation. Information we collect includes current: family data, professional information, investment objectives, investments, insurance coverage, real estate, income, liabilities, and taxes. We use this information to provide a custom financial plan for the present and the future.


How much does the first visit cost?

Your initial consultation is free.


How are you compensated for your services?

Our annual asset management fee is billed quarterly in advance at the beginning of each calendar quarter based upon the market value of the client’s account at the end of the previous quarter. Any deposits/withdraws in the previous quarter will be prorated for the number of days remaining in the quarter. Since we charge a fee based on a percentage of total assets managed, it gives our firm an incentive to grow your assets. When your account succeeds, our firm will succeed.


Are there commissions/transaction fees?

Our model portfolios are generally comprised of funds that have zero commission or long term redemption fees. However, short term redemption fees will be imposed by the fund for shares held less than 90 days. For any funds in your investment portfolio that are not included in Schwab’s broad network of non-transaction fee funds, you will be charged at Schwab’s commission schedule. In addition, stocks and options trades will be charged based on Schwab’s commission schedule.


Insurance products are considered commission based transactions.


How often do you rebalance portfolios? 

We do not have a set schedule to rebalance portfolios. We evaluate every fund in our model portfolios on a monthly basis and make any necessary changes when needed.

Have a question not listed here?

Please Contact Us and one of our advisors will be more than happy to assist!